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This is a podcast about Buying smart and Saving big on a new or used car, truck, motorcycle, boat, motor home etc.  Avoid the hassles and Get the deal you want!  Everyone saves with Deal Talk

Oct 26, 2017

Is a Luxury deal different?
In the news
Patreon page news
What are Luxury vehicles?
Safety is key
High tech
Resale is still king
Power and quality
More affordable then you think
Consistent resale = attractive lease
Other things affect resale
Big price-big savings
CPO no, used maybe
Due diligence in required

Oct 19, 2017

Maintain resale

Last week’s review

Read the warranty small print

96 months

The day after delivery

Review maintenance after you buy

Service is another $ sign

Synthetic oil’s point

Most Filters can be cleaned, not replaced

Tune ups only when needed

Be aware of symptoms for brakes and tune ups

Transmission is long...

Oct 12, 2017

There is more to do

Trade-in review

Let congress know for CFPB

Autonomous ethics?

Resale needs your help

Review the Monroney Label

Review all the numbers

Read the manual

Register your tires

Used must register with the manufacturer

Used vehicle extras

Sealant, upholstery guard, mud flaps

Extras to think about

The bag in...

Oct 5, 2017

Trading Talk

  1. Reviewing what to buy, after the sale
  2. Where and what question
  3. Trade
  4. Retailing pays
  5. Trade or not to trade
  6. Know what you are trading
  7. Deal first, trade second
  8. Research
  9. Get it ready pays
  10. No matter what you are trading
  11. What you owe vs trade
  12. Resale value is a big part