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This is a podcast about Buying smart and Saving big on a new or used car, truck, motorcycle, boat, motor home etc.  Avoid the hassles and Get the deal you want!  Everyone saves with Deal Talk

May 30, 2019

Insurance Story

  • Extended warranties question
  • Factory plans only
  • New or used
  • Car, truck, motorcycle, motor home or boat, Insurance is part of the process
  • Just because they look like the least expensive
  • 700 companies 2 billion quotes
  • It's not about your driving record first
  • Credit is paramount
  • Loyalty when?
  • Teen dollars

May 23, 2019

Finance department tales

Reserve payments from finance is world wide

Buying a vehicle is 2 or 3 times the stress

There is more than the vehicle

Business office is about $

Bank commissions are huge

Shop all the products

Don’t be a lesson

Shop 4 banks

Payment packing is a real issue

Review your payment before you...

May 16, 2019

Minus equity, why it happens and what to do

Multiple lease deposits

Credit approval help

Stick to sign and drive

Minus equity, under water, upside down

Why does it happen?

Know where you are

Type 1, type 2 and type 3

Big dealer profits = minus equity

Bad resale = minus equity

Long term loans = upside down

Budget can...

May 9, 2019

What about factory certified preowned

Careful with what you read online.

Read all the material for a specific certified.

Check points sound huge.

Just another way to sel.l

Bank rates with CPO.

Certified can cost several thousand more.

Is it worth more?

Pay in advance for what might happen.

Low mileage and a clean...

May 2, 2019

Language of leasing

  1. We all need a ride
  2. Subprime are tougher terms
  3. Better than buy here pay here
  4. Cosigner trumps everything
  5. Dealer secondary
  6. Credit score first
  7. Know the leasing terms
  8. 14 key phrases
  9. What can you negotiate?
  10. 6 you can negotiate
  11. What can’t you negotiate
  12. 4 you can’t
  13. What’s the best way?