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This is a podcast about Buying smart and Saving big on a new or used car, truck, motorcycle, boat, motor home etc.  Avoid the hassles and Get the deal you want!  Everyone saves with Deal Talk

Aug 26, 2021

Always a good test drive

Comfort is predicable

Elbow grease when you are testing

Corvette wins on dollars

Resale is always part of the deal

A seemingly good deal might be the opposite

Considered the least

Around the clock

Can you predict it?

What determines the value?

How to protect it

There are many factors

Brand can...

Aug 19, 2021

Extended warranties and more

Buy you lease or turn it in?

This year it is yes

Assuming good condition

Motor home safety

Buckle up

Tires are a concern


Fix it or trade it

Condition and care tell the story

Fixing is always cheaper

Extended warranties are a question

Keeping it? Yes

Always from the maker

With a...

Aug 12, 2021

Confirming the lease advantage

Electric vehicles mean different taxes not zero taxes

A crazy 2500%

Hurting the people to help the planet

Get quotes     

Trade shopping

Beacon score

Calling Banks

Insurance cost?

Consider add-0ns

The considerations when you're picking a dealer

Due diligence is paramount

Leasing means more...

Aug 3, 2021

How to negotiate a winning deal

Leasing scam update

EV units and fires

We primarily talk the how of buying

Get the dealer to offer

Knowledge is key

Due diligence support

Waiting for results

Can you do better?


Deal and trade separate if possible

Talk when there is a need

Offer and facts together

You may need...