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This is a podcast about Buying smart and Saving big on a new or used car, truck, motorcycle, boat, motor home etc.  Avoid the hassles and Get the deal you want!  Everyone saves with Deal Talk

Jun 4, 2022

checking your collision coverage

EV Update: batteries

  • Dealers fined for consumer fraud never enough
  • Zero emission electric vehicle story is a lie
  • What makes a battery
  • Car, truck, motorcycle, motor home or boat, Insurance is part of the process
  • Auto collision insurance is just another add on
  • Just because they sound cheap
  • Hundreds of companies, millions of quotes
  • Your driving record isn’t the number one factor
  • Credit is the key
  • Loyalty?
  • Teen dollars
  • Bundling means nothing
  • Where are the discounts?
  • Shop Your insurance