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This is a podcast about Buying smart and Saving big on a new or used car, truck, motorcycle, boat, motor home etc.  Avoid the hassles and Get the deal you want!  Everyone saves with Deal Talk

Dec 7, 2021

You are ready, time to buy

Electric updates

Hybrids don’t save money in the long run

Is EV charging safe?

Great negotiating requires great due diligence.

Know the Monroney or book

Avoid cash or shopping talk.

No matter what you offer, the dealer will try to bump you.

Don't acknowledge the price anchor

Always ask for a better price  before making an offer

Assertive, not aggressive                                                     

Hold your lips together tightly as the dealer plays his cards

Don't take the dealership’s position or attitude personally

ACV versus allowance.

Either way works but one at a time works best

Due diligence is your ammunition.